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Meet Tembo Circle Members

We are deeply grateful to those who have made a legacy gift to Big Life Foundation.

Here are some of our wonderful supporters:

Nancy Melin

Nancy Melin

“One of the main reasons that I support Big Life is that your work is very targeted and localized, and I feel that you are very successful. You are having an impact in all of the areas that you are involved.”

Barry Turkus

Barry Turkus

“Big Life's vision is based on an elegantly simple circular concept. By supporting the local Maasai communities with jobs that support Big Life's conservation effort, providing educational scholarships for the Maasai children and offering health care services to the Maasai communities, the communities in turn will support conservation. As a result of Big Life's work the Maasai people realize that if the poaching and killing of wildlife continues, they will be the ones to suffer; their jobs and all of the services that Big Life provides as well as all of the tourists who visit this vast Amboseli-Kilimanjaro ecosystem will completely disappear. This model deserves to be replicated throughout Africa. It has been extremely successful—it works. And that's why my wife and I support Big Life's operation in a big way with annual gifts in addition to the Legacy Gift that I have made to ensure that Big Life's work continues far into the future.”

Elephant in the wild

Barbara Moritsch and Tom Nichols

“We've supported Big Life Foundation for many years--they are simply one of the best organizations working to protect African wildlife. We have included Big Life in our trust so we can continue to support their critical mission as long as possible into the future.”

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